Sinks & Things are a £10m plus distributor of kitchen sinks, taps & appliances to the retail trade based in Ashford Middlesex employing 36 staff. 

Sinks & Things were using a Unix based system operated through dumb terminals with entirely bespoke software. It had been built up piecemeal over 25 years and was becoming very cumbersome to use. More and more options had been added to the menus - few of which were interlinked. It also became increasingly difficult to source replacement hardware compatible with their ageing equipment.

Having looked at a number of software packages  it was decided that Sage would best suit their needs. Uniq Systems was recommended by hardware supplier, Nouveau Solutions, who had worked with Uniq on a number of previous projects. Rebecca Silva, Financial Director said “we felt that a great deal of effort was made by Uniq to familiarise themselves with our business and operation from the outset”.                    

“As a small company we were impressed at the level of support received, particularly during our difficult initial transitional phase and first few weeks live. I was particularly pleased to have the dedicated assistance of a Uniq consultant who ensured we were ready for business on 3rd January 2004”.        

Over the past year by utilising Uniq’s expertise of bespoking and tweaking, the system in place far out performs the previous one.  It is anticipated that the hardware/software will provide significant benefits for many years.

The next big project is to enable live access to sales orders / stock / pricing for customers and external staff. It will be a major step for the company but one Sinks & Things is confident will be ably achieved with the assistance of Uniq Systems.