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Uniq Systems champions paperless office software to save customers money

Paper WasteAs businesses up and down the country struggle to cut costs and increase profits, one Reading-based company thinks the answer can be found in saving paper.  Tim Holton, marketing manager at Uniq Systems, said: “When you consider that office workers across the South East get through an estimated 3.1 billion sheets of paper every month, cutting down on this paper waste will have a big impact on your bottomline. “Businesses tend to think that going green will cost them money.  Yet, this isn’t usually the case.  The average small and medium-sized business, for example, can save thousands of pounds every year just by cutting down on the amount of paper they waste, and making use of low cost paperless office software.”    Going paperless isn’t just about saving trees it also makes great business sense – helping businesses to reduce paper, printing and postage costs.  To help more and more businesses save money, Uniq Systems is providing free online demonstrations of Spindle Professional, the award-winning paperless office software to illustrate just how much money businesses currently waste, and how much money they would save by going paperless. 

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Sage CRM Solutions Receives Top Marks in Vendor Comparison Rankings

In an upcoming Aberdeen study of over 1,100 organisations, Sage Softwares portfolio of customer management solutions (including ACT! by Sage, Sage SalesLogix and SageCRM) outperformed several key competitors as a provider of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions.

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