Run a smarter, faster, more connected business with Sage 200c

Propel your business to the next level with Sage 200c - the latest version of Sage 200.  Sage 200c is built on direct customer feedback - users have said that simplifying business processes is key, and that improving the user experience to help them become more productive on a daily basis is what really matters to them.

With automated bank feeds and Excel reporting for nominal transactions and financial management reports included.  Also with new web purchase requisition and access to all reports online and on mobile, users will have all the key information at their fingertips.

Banks feeds 

Sage bank feeds is a free secure service that you can use to download your bank transactions to Sage 200c, to help you reconcile your bank account.  This reduces the time that you spend reconciling your bank transactions, and ensures your accounts are up to date and accurate.  Once you download your bank transactions, you can match them to the existing transactions in Sage 200c, or create new transactions if something is missing. This means that transactions in your live bank account are reflected in Sage 200c. Sage 200c will remember which transactions you have matched, ready for your next bank reconciliation.

Export to Excel 

You can now send any Sage 200c reports to Excel. This allows you to analyse data from your reports in a table format in Excel. You can then work with the data in Excel, such as filtering the information, or using pivot tables.  This is different to the existing functionality to Export data to Excel. 

  • Just click Send to Excel from the report preview.

  • Sage now include more Excel reports for free as part of Sage 200 Services, and additional reports are available with Sage 200 Services Extra.

Invoicing module 

Following feedback received from users, Sage is pleased to announce a new Invoicing module is available with this version. This was the most requested feature on the Sage Ideas hub.  Invoicing introduces a new, easy and quick way for you to create invoices to send to your customers. This is great for creating invoices and credit notes with no despatch process. 

This is ideal if: 

  • You're a service business and don't want to keep records of stock.

  • You don't have a despatch process.

  • You don't have any lead time between orders placed and invoices sent out.

  • Your despatch process has already occurred and you don't want to record it in Sage 200c.

    Why use Invoicing? 

  • Use our new grid entry form for easy and rapid data entry.

  • Add stock items or free text (plus charges and comments) depending on your organisation's processes.

  • As there's no despatch process, you can print or email your invoices straight away.

  • See all your invoices and credit notes together in one list for easy management.

  • You can also report on the profitability and use analysis codes for more in depth reporting.

    Just open the Invoicing section from the menu and choose the Invoicing List. 

Purchase requisitions

The new purchase requisitions feature provides an easy way to enter requisitions, authorise them, and generate orders.  You can enter and authorise requisitions when you're on the move using the web app.  The web app allows users to access parts of Sage 200c via web browser, such as workspaces, purchase requisitions and authorisation of purchase orders.. This means that you only need a web user licence, and don't need access to the full desktop app. 

Authorisation rules let you control who can authorise the requisitions, for example a budget owner can authorise any requisitions made against their budget. Budget owners can be set against a Combined Nominal Budget. You generate purchase orders from authorised requisitions in the both the desktop and web apps. Orders are generated efficiently, so multiple requisitions for an item from the same supplier can combined into a single order.

Error Corrections improvements 

You can now make corrections to customer and supplier transactions from a single screen. Correcting and reversing transactions has been combined into a single option on the menu. 

You can now: 

  • Change all the information on a transaction including the date, nominal account and amount.

  • Correct foreign currency invoices and credit notes. 

Hide customer and supplier accounts 

Got a list of supplier or customer accounts that you're no longer trading with? Have to add 'Do Not Use' as the customer or supplier name? Now you can hide these accounts so they're not displayed on the Customers or Suppliers list and not shown on lookup lists. This helps to prevent transactions being entered for these accounts in error and makes your lookup smaller and more efficient.  Just choose the new Hidden status from the Amend status form.

Further information

To find out more about Sage 200c including pricing and upgrade offers call Uniq Systems on 0118 927 2700 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.