Our Sage 200 Technical Tip for October focuses of getting the best out of the Sage 200 add on Spindle Professional.  Many of our customers use Spindle with Sage 200 to automate the distribution of documents and hold stationary layouts electronically.  The principal benefits being time saving, accuracy and saving on postage and stationary costs. 

If you are an existing Spindle user it would be worth ensuring that you are using it to its full potential e.g. are you sending out remittance advices and purchase orders by e mail using Spindle ?  

The system works by embedding an ‘automation’ within the Sage layout – this then uses the automation settings in Spindle to decide how to distribute the document e.g. e mail, fax or print and what backdrop form i.e. stationary layout to use.



Outgoing documents can be archived to disk automatically and copy e mails sent as part of the automated document distribution.  

Cost savings can be calculated using the estimates of : 

- Document sent through post cost £1.18 per item, including stationary, print, postage and man-hours. 

- Document sent electronically at £0.01 per item.




 Please contact us if you would like a quotation or to know how to get more from your existing Spindle installation. 

Report of the month


The report for October is now available.  This report will show a list of Purchase Orders which are past the requested date. To access this report simply follow the link  


October Report of the Month


Each month Sage will provide a "Report of the Month" so it is worth coming back to this page on a regular basis.

If you found these reports useful please let me know and which ones as feedback is always welcome.