In this month's "technical tip" we are focusing on the productivity tool Excelerator.  This provides a means for batch import of data to Sage 200 from Excel and also the extracting of data, editing and posting back to Excel - so a bi-directional data update tool.  Standard Excel functionality is available to extract, update and manipulate data - whilst the Sage 200 data validations rules are applied when posting data.

The screenshots below illustrate how customer records can be downloaded and the account manager and credit limit fields edited and then the data saved back to Sage 200: 

First select your Sage 200 company from within Excel:




Use the Designer function to select the data you want to extract from Sage 200: 









Then download the data:









Replace Phil Simmons with Alan Ward and edit Credit limits, then validate and save back to Sage:




 Data can be retrieved from Sage 200 by browsing on a field: 





Download sales order details, edit, add lines and save back to Sage 200:

Reference data in other worksheets:

Standard templates are provided for the import of single and multiple transactions:

If you require any additional information please call on 0118 927 2700 and one of our Consultants will be pleased to help.

Report of the month


The report for March is now available.  This report displays one line per sales order, showing the quantity and sales.  The report is grouped by customer analysis 1 field.   March Report of the Month


Each month Sage will provide a "Report of the Month" so it is worth coming back to this page on a regular basis.


If you found these reports useful please let me know and which ones as feedback is always welcome. 


Sage 200 Roadmap

Sage is committed to making Sage 200 even better.  To achieve this Sage is asking all users to help by submitting ideas for improvement and to vote on ideas already put forward.  Please click here to submit your ideas.