In this month's "technical tip" we are following on from June with additional new features of the soon to be released version of Sage 200 (Sage 200c). 


Error corrections 


There is a new 'Correct' button on the transaction history screen within sales and purchase ledger.



Select a transaction and click the 'Correct' button - this gives you 3 options.



Reverse will as before post a reversing transaction eg credit note in respect of an invoice being reversed (and auto allocate them together). 


Allocations will take you to the existing option for removing allocations from a transaction (necessary before it can be reversed). 


Correct allows you to change any of the fields shown in yellow below.



Non- critical fields can be changed without generating a reversal of the original transaction and create a new transaction with the amended details.


Transactions which can be reversed in this way are invoices, credit notes, customer receipts/payments, supplier payments/receipts.  Also foreign currency invoices and credit notes.


Combined budgets


This provides for any combination of nominal accounts to be grouped together and a budget set against the group. 



In the example above the budget for the group of nominal accounts is 20,000 but the total of the individual budgets set against the nominal accounts is 17,400 leaving an unallocated budget amount of 2,400.


It is also possible to add an 'Owner' to the combined budget and report actual income/spend against budget. 

Report of the month


The report for July is now available.  This report lists products sold by nominal code and customer. 


July Report of the Month


Each month Sage will provide a "Report of the Month" so it is worth coming back to this page on a regular basis.

If you found these reports useful please let me know and which ones as feedback is always welcome.