This month's "technical tip" follows on from last month and looks at the housekeeping routines for other modules.


Sales and Purchase Ledger 



The example above will move cancelled and complete orders which are dated up to 31/5/17 to the historical tab. 

Effects of archiving orders:  

  • Orders and returns are removed from desktop lists
  • Associated despatch or delivery details are removed and can't be viewed or printed.
  • Archived sales and purchase orders are not included when generating Intrasat entries.
  • You can't view allocated, despatched, received or invoiced quantities.
  • You can re-print any associated invoices or credit notes. 

Then to remove orders from the historical tab and the system.



Stock Control 

To move stock history to the archive tab.



To archive batch/serial numbers to the historical tab.


You can only archive batch or serial numbers when: 

  • Any linked sales or purchase orders have been completed and archived.
  • They have been fully issued.
  • They were last used at a date earlier than the date you want to archive up to. 

Report of the month 

The report for September is now available.  The report displays one line per sales order, showing the quantity and sales.  The report is grouped by the customer analysis 2 field. 


September Report of the Month

Each month Sage will provide a "Report of the Month" so it is worth coming back to this page on a regular basis.