• Straightforward and cost effective online solution that grows with your business
  • Greater control for your business with intuitive tools for managing your finances, stock and reporting
  • Benefit from 24/7 access to your data with Sage 200 Services, and direct support from Sage - get the help you need, whenever you need it
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Manage your accounts securely in the cloud: Simple, secure and easy to use online accounting solution that grows with your business, providing anytime, anywhere access.

Get complete control over your finances: Greater control of your business as it becomes more complex with robust budget and cash flow management.

Easy implementation and immediate ROI: Risk-free implementation allows you to get up and running quickly with no upfront costs, so you'll be able to get quick return on your investment.


Powerful reporting tools: Instant insight with powerful Excel reporting tools that help you analyse trends and business performance.

Software that grows with your business: Get the features and functionality you need when you need them, with scalable software that grows with your business. Add or remove users, companies and reports to match your business’ ever-changing requirements.


Control your finances and business operations

  • Understand the financial position of your company quickly and easily with a three-tiered nominal structure
  • Operate  open and closed period accounting for greater flexibility and control
  • Analyse by cost centre and department to produce Profit and Loss, balance sheet and cash flow reporting
  • Make adjustments to previous year journals and roll changes forward to ensure your accounts are accurate and up to date
  • Create up to 5 additional analysis codes per module to help categorise data, allowing you to set-up personalised reports
  • View summary dashboards for insight into key areas within your business

Take control of your stock and orders

  • Respond efficiently to customer demands by having a complete view of the stock held in your business
  • Manage stock in multiple locations in real time for replenishment, sales, reporting and stock takes.
  • Realign stock levels quickly and accurately and set suppliers against specific items of stock or mark as inactive if no longer sold
  • Identify and account for freight costs incurred whilst shipping stock items
  • Raise purchase orders that are automatically sent to a supplier to fulfil for greater efficiency
  • Match purchase orders, invoices and delivery notes to deliveries
  • Ensure loyalty and satisfaction by being agile about products and pricing and offer alternatives when stock is unavailable

Trade in foreign currencies

  • Accept customer payments and place orders up to 100 different currencies
  • View transactional reports based on the exchange rate used at the time of sale/purchase
  • Align your foreign ledger accounts with current exchange rates to ensure they always match
  • Create period exchange rates for set amounts of time

Software that's easy to access and scale

  • Get tailored information based on your previous actions, saving you time and effort
  • Access your data easily and quickly online, increasing your business’ productivity by having business information at your fingertips.
  • Create your own favourites menu based on the information you want to see, giving you instant access to commonly selected items.
  • Select additional users, companies, locations and reports to ensure your software supports the growth of your business
  • Add additional user licences
  • Add additional companies
  • Add additional reports and services to  give you the functionality you need, when you need it

Integrate with other tools and software

  • Integrate with frequently accessed tools such as Outlook and Excel
  • Make secure payments with Sage Pay integration

Manage your accounts securely online

  • Get enhanced security with software that’s hosted on the best-in-class Microsoft® Azure™ platform with data centres that comply with key industry standards
  • Access your software instantly, anytime and from anywhere so you can query, report and gain insight into your data via a wide range of devices
  • Improve staff flexibility, facilitate remote working and improve your business’ productivity by having access to your data on the move.
  • No associated hardware costs other than your monthly subscription; you just need an internet connection to get started
  • Choose to pay monthly with a 12 month contract or pay for your software in one go
  • Secure with automated daily backups so your data is always safe with 24/7 monitoring

Report on key trends in Excel

  • Look at customer trends and sales analysis within Excel
  • Set-up your own reports that are relevant to your business
  • Extract data to filter, format, pivot from Sage 200 Standard Online to Excel
  • ‘Slice and dice’ information in Excel to view data in the format you want to see it in

For more in-depth analysis on a particular business function, you can also scale up your software

  • Subscribe to additional Excel reports
  • Buy two reporting packs for a one off fee